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Sunbrella Marine Fabrics

      Sunbrella: 50 Years of Performance Fabrics

      Outdoor climates can be harsh and unrelenting. When you buy outdoor furniture of any kind, you need to ensure you are buying quality fabrics, giving you peace of mind that your purchase will last outdoors, no matter what the conditions.

      Since 1961 Sunbrella has been the market leader in high-performance fabrics for the marine and furniture industries. Sunbrella manufactures fabrics that are purposely designed to stand up to the unavoidable elements: sun, salt, mildew, and rain.

      Water repellent, breathable, mildew-esistant, and treated with Scotchguard Protector®, Sunbrella® fabrics are the world’s number one choice for use in premium outdoor-furniture brands as well as for use in fabric applications on superyachts, in furnishiings for luxury resorts, and as convertible tops for prestigious cars.

      Best-in-Class Warranties

      With a five-year warranty against loss of colour, strength, and durability, Sunbrella offers you the world's best warranties on outdoor fabrics.

      Comfort and Style

      Not only do Sunbrella fabrics have strength and durability, but they also have comfort and style with a quality look and feel like cotton—the perfect match!

      Water Repellent...Yet Breathable

      Another perfect combination by Sunbrella! Not only are the Sunbrella fabrics extremely water repellent, but they also breathe naturally, resisting mildew and rot, making them much more comfortable to sit or lie on in hot weather.


      Durability near the Ocean...

      If you own a boat or live near the ocean, the Sunbrella brand of fabrics is the right choice for you. As the number one performance fabric in the world, it is guaranteed to stand up to the corrosive sea environment, both on and off the water.


      Easy Care and Cleaning

      Protected with Scotchguard® treatment, Sunbrella is also easy to clean, no matter what life throws at it. Say good-bye to common stains with this easy cleaning procedure:

          Step 1: Combine 250 ml of bleach, 60 ml of mild liquid soap, and 3.75 l of water.
          Step 2: Using a soft brush, work the solution into the fabric.
          Step 3: Rinse with water.
          Step 4: Air dry.

      Want proof? View this cleaning demonstration on Sunbrella fabric.

      Contributing to a Cleaner Environment

      For decades Sunbrella has been exceeding industry standards for environmental stewardship . All Sunbrella fabrics are fully recyclable and require no dyeing that produces wastewater

      Furthermore, Sunbrella fabrics are engineered for a serviceable lifespan of two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics, reducing environmental impact.

      NB. Sunbrella videos and images provided by Glen Raven Inc, owner of Sunbrella Registered Trademark