Interior Inspiration - Beautiful Bedrooms

Sundays are for lazing in as long as possible, and these babe'n bedrooms make us want to do just that..


This is perfection. We love the cult-classic Sinnerlig pendant lamp by IKEA, the rich indigo bed linen, and the Scandi-folk art. But the best accessory of all is beaming sunlight... 


You simply can't go wrong with a white-on-white (on-white) palette, teamed with some soft neutral shades. To 'finish' the look, add a designer chair in a corner, as a spot to sit and read (and a place to artfully drape a blanket or outfit).


Some great interior ideas to steal here - that contrast between the almost-black wall and white window trim really makes the french double window stand out (a beautiful period feature like this totally deserves to be the focal point in this room). We're also loving the stacked coffee table books which anchor the bed in the space, and the large fiddle leaf fig plant adds a clean, fresh element to an otherwise romantic, moody space.


Those amazing rafters and pitched ceiling, the designer light (it's the famous Z5 Light by Ay Illuminate), the beautifully billowed fabric suspended from the ceiling, the circular feature window... just... WOW. We'd love to send whoever lives here one of our modern beanbag chairs in our sandy taupe colour - would make a stylish reading chair for this bedroom.


Blue-grey tones are right on trend for 2016 - they not only feel very clean and fresh, they bring a feel of European elegance; making them the perfect colour for a grown-up master bedroom. The secondhand chair painted a similar shade is a very cool touch, and that beautifully crinkled french linen finishes off the serene style.


As forever fans of vintage industrial style and open-plan design, we're jealous of whichever lucky woman calls this her bedroom!  We'd love to see one of our luxury beanbag chairs in this space.


Crushing on this modern, masculine space. Idea to try: painting a horizontal third or half of a wall in a colour that complements your bed linen and furniture - it's an effective, easy and affordable way to update the style of your space.


Blush pink tones and 'dirty pastels' are still going strong in interior design circles, and this cosy setup showcases the trend superbly. Positioning a large rug at the end of your bed like this is a great way to anchor the bed in the space, especially if you don't have a headboard. The modern ottoman at the end of the bed is also a nice finishing touch, and provides a spot to pop a stack of books, your journal or a hot cuppa while you're getting ready for the day in the morning or ready for rest in the evening.

Put your bed right on the floor. Add an abundance of pillowy-soft cushions, and a stack of your favourite magazines... instant relaxed style. 


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