Inspiring Outdoor Rooms

This weekend, we're thinking about making over our back deck, ready for Christmas entertaining (and more importantly, holiday R n' R!). There's loads of ideas to be found in these inspiring outdoor rooms...  

This gorgeous room shows how effectively you can create a cohesive outdoor room when you stick to one colour family. This deep purple is gorgeous - one of our purple giant outdoor cushions would look lovely here. 
To soften the look even more, we'd replace the square brown table with a low, round ottoman.


A colourful hammock, layers of eclectic cushions and comfy floor cushions have transformed this otherwise bland, cold space into a boho-chic paradise. The extra small touches - like fresh cut flowers and votive candles - add even more wow factor.


This matching outdoor furniture suite is beautiful! We especially love the chairs, upholstered in classic grey. A patterned rug adds a dash of needed colour and personality to finish the 'room'.


Now this is a wonderful idea - especially if you don't have a deck, or if you just want to create your own outdoor retreat away from the rest of the family. Somewhere quiet and peaceful to enjoy a good book or have a summer-arvo snooze. All you need is a shady spot under a tree, a comfy outdoor chair, lounger or even hammock, and a side table to hold all the essentials (like a cheeky Sangria!).


Utter elegance. We love the shade-giving pergola, the two tiers that create different zones, and the soft paper lanterns hung at different heights for a touch of whimsy.


Look at this breezy, beautiful reading lounge. Take one lounger to lay back on, a lantern for magical dusk light, a basket full of blankets... and you're done! Just bring your magazine or iPod, and your cares...


A uniquely patterned or colourful sun umbrella can make a real style statement, and helps to define your lovely outdoor room. An ottoman will also help define the space if you centre your outdoor chairs and loungers around it. An outdoor ottoman is a great flexible piece - use it to hold drinks, your magazine, sunscreen... or to relax and put your feet up on!


This casual-chic patio is a delight with its exotic lantern (styling note - large hanging lanterns also look fabulous on the floor), giant floor cushion and string lights. All it needs is some colourful candles on the table and a big Antipasto platter to enjoy!

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